Imterim Pastor Lynn Fonfara       



For years I worked in sales, retail and commercial, learning people skills along with sales skills – essentially matching client needs with what my firm could provide.

At the same time, I was active in my congregation as a teacher, worship committee member, Council member, and leader of Women of the ELCA. In Women of the ELCA, I learned leadership skills. Eventually, I was Vice President and then President of the Synodical Women’s Organization.

In 1997, I finally said “Yes” to God’s call to become a pastor. I attended Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and was ordained in 2002. Three congregational calls: Epiphany, Clinton Township, MI; Hope, Plainwell, MI; and Hope, Citrus Springs. I retired in 2016 from Citrus Springs after 8 years. Since then I have served as Interim at Incarnation, Ocala; St John, Summerfield; Ascension, Ocala.

While at St John, I was able to attend the first portion of Congregational Mission Developer/Redeveloper training, and I look forward to learning more about Congregational Vitality as taught by Pr Rob Carlson, DEM and Assistant to the Bishop.

I am active in POAMN (Presbyterian Older Adult Ministry Network) and ALOA (Adult Lutherans Organized for Action). My husband Mike and I are the co-chairs of a planning team for an event for older adult ministry: May 22 at St Leo Abbey.

In order to be connected to people outside the congregation, I am active in Kiwanis. I am currently the Club Secretary and a regional trainer for new and renewing leaders.

Since retirement, I have become involved in the Order of Lutheran Franciscans, which is helping me develop a deeper, stronger spirituality, and a connection with other people who wish to do the same, together, in community.

I grew up in the “Super-Boonies” on the far south side of Chicago. I attended Augustana College, Rock Island, IL. After marriage to Jim, we moved to southwest Michigan and raised 2 sons. In 1995, our marriage ended because we were both too different from the people we had once been. In 2003, I married Mike, now a retired PCUSA Pastor. Together we have 5 adult children, 12 grandchildren, and two cats named Miss Kitty Russell and Marshall Matt Dillon.

I enjoy leading worship, Bible studies, visiting with members, and helping people and congregations become who God created and calls them to be. Besides spending time with Mike and other family members, I love chocolate and other sweets (too obviously!), technology, playing Bunco with a group of friends, cooking and trying new simple recipes, and traveling.